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April 2019

Christ’s resurrection is your resurrection too.

This is why we are to yearn for all that is above,

for that’s where Christ sits enthroned at the place

of all power, honor, and authority!

 Colossians 3:1 (TPT)

Church, very soon we will come together to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus.  We will rejoice in the victory Christ won on the Cross – a victory over death, hell, and the grave!  When the dust of the day has settled, are we any better off? Are our lives any different at all? Or, was Easter just a day to “cut loose” spiritually – then it’s back to the same old way of living?

I want you to seriously consider the truth that’s presented here:  Christ’s resurrection is your resurrection too.  Jesus lived into the fullness of the resurrected life.  Isn’t that our challenge as well? Now, I realize Christ was the perfect melding of divinity and humanity.  You and me? Not so much – but that’s no excuse. The power that raised Christ from the dead lies latent within every Christian.  And this power has the potential to transform every Christian! So, will we submit to God and allow the resurrection life of Christ to revolutionize us?

It happens when we yearn for all that is above.  Another translation says set your heart on what is in heaven (CEV).  And therein is the secret.  What we yearn for will possess us.  Our desires will rule over us. If our heart is enthralled with the world, our lives will be incredibly empty.  If we are taken with the things of the kingdom, the blessings of the kingdom come in their fullness. The power, honor, and authority of Christ are infused into fragile flesh.  And His resurrection happens again – through you and me. May it be so!

~ Pastor John

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